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Los Angeles 1939: Street People and Friend

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People and places of Los Angeles are shown at this best in this pictorial retrospective from historic files of photographer William Carroll. The street preacher precedes a Salvation Army band playing on Spring Street and the slightly made musician wearing his five-gallon tin drum, a wonderful hermit strides past and a lucky pedestrian reaches for a sidewalk cigarette near a horse and buggy parking on Main Street while job hunters inspect #20 a week listings, new shoes sell for 57 Cents a pair, caged kids are on the second floor, inside an allnight theatre and outside of "A R Hotel Beds 15 Cents", Pershing Square society, backstage of the Paramount Theatre, stag party nudes, Carl Bailey the nation's tallest (6' 7") radio announcer, California mists flood the streets beneath which a drain was being built toward the Los Angeles River, the Douglas Aircraft strike, double-decker busses, the Garvey Community Auction, Simon Rodillo and his Watts Towers, motion picture stars and their business ventures, the Molinoo Rojo brothel, buildings you won't believe, a beauty contest not to be missed, exercising by the roller coaster and a seaside day...from family to friend. It's all here: Los Angeles 1939 as it really was.

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