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Dangerous BoB's Doc Brown Future License Plate Bar Code Tee-Shirt

$ 18.00

These tee-shirts are a very cool way to show your love for the BTTF trilogy and give back to MJFox Foundation for Parkinson. 

Dangerous BoB invented this license plate on the "fly" during the shooting of Back to the Future , using Mylar over a metal plate and Spray 77.  It was not originally in the script.  When Bob Zemeckis realized they could not be flying around in the future with a current design license plate,  Dangerous BoB mentioned that he had heard of these things called bar codes, and if authorized to work through lunch he would design something that he had read about in Science Digest Magazine.  This was the design you see in the movie.

Port Authority brand tee-shirt, 100% cotton.  All artwork done in Humboldt County, Eureka, California, America.

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