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Back to the Future Pizza Hut Crew Tee-Shirt

$ 175.00

This is a Pizza Hut Crew Tee-Shirt on Back to the Future II.  These tee-shirts given to me by the Pizza Hut staff after the pizza cooking scene in Back to the Future II.   There is a limited number of these available. 

Pizza Hut staff were on site to create the pizza used in the "re-hydrator".  Pizza Hut created all the pizzas that were used, both large and tiny.  These shirts were a little thank you to Dangerous BoB for all the help he gave them. 

These tee-shirts are from the warehouse of Robert King "Dangerous BoB" Widin who was Set Prop Master of the Back to the Futures. 

Buyers will receive a Certification of Authenticity from Dangerous BoB.  

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