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Back to the Future Crew Tee-Shirts

$ 800.00

We have 5 different Back to the Future Crew Tee-Shirts available.  As far as I know, these are the last 5 tee-shirts available for sale from original crew members.  These are bound to go up in value in the future. 

Of course they will come with a numbered Dangerous BoB Certificate of Authenticity.  They will be signed for free; it's a great way to increase it's value by getting other cast and crew members signatures on them. 

These shirts were given to crew members when we were shooting Back to the Future (the original).  We have posted photos of each of the individual shirts available.  You get to pick which shirt speaks to you. 

These shirts may have a few stains or show wear, because at one time they were worn by Dangerous BoB.  During the production of Back to the Future Dangerous BoB traded his Pepsi tie-up sodas for extra shirts.  Other cast and crew members only received one shirt. 

These shirts are listed exclusively on

These will be a very rare addition to any Back to the Future collection.

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