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1941 Paramount Pictures Commemorative Coin

1941 Paramount Pictures Commemorative Coin

$ 49.95

This is a very unique and historical piece of movie memorabilia from the 1940's, the Golden Age of Movie Making.  This was Paramount's 30th Anniversary tribute coin.  The coin is the size of a silver dollar.  The coin is rare with about 24 known (this one makes it 25) according to Coin World.

Obv. Standing female figure, 3 stars at l. of head, 6 stars around at r.; l. arm holds basket of fruit, r. hand rests on or holds square shield; on shield 1941, 4 stars below; at bottom edge, microscopic Acme Metal Die.
Rev. In center is familiar Paramount Pictures emblem or trademark i.e. a mountain; above Paramount; across mountain Pictures--all mostly within center circle; outside circle, immediately around are 24 stars; above all, at upper border Paramount Pictures Inc.

HK-740 Nickel-plated Copper. 38mm.

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