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The Day Robert King Widin Was Knighted Dangerous BoB by Steven Spielberg

The day when we were shooting the McFly house we were all told Steven was coming down to the set. David McGiffert (our 1st AD) asked us all to come off the set and gather around on the stage floor. A few minutes later Steven, Bob Gale, Dean Cundy and Bob Z. lined up in front of the whole crew.  Bob Z. said you all know Steven and he's got something to say.  Steven then asked if Robert Widin was here and looked directly at me, told me to stand in front of him. Once I was standing directly in front of him he told me to get down on one knee. Once down, he touched me on each shoulder as if he had a sword and said "From now on you'll be known as Dangerous BoB and that will also be your stage stage name". I don't know how much it cost his production company to break for that long but it was more then I made that week, of that I'm sure.  Considering we were way over budget and behind in shooting time it was just about the most incredible thing that ever happened to me in my life.  Immediately Dean Cundy said "Dangerous, let's get back to work".   After that everyone called me by my 'Knighted' name. A couple of weeks later we were shooting Marty's walk up to the Hill Valley High. While we were lighting, Bob Z. told me to get a can of paint and spray Dangerous BoB on the side of the school. You can see it in the movie and every time I watch it I'm still as stoked today as I was then. In a future blog I'll tell who's High School it was and more about DB's other films where the directors also gave me my Dangerous BoB as screen credit and why.  If you have any questions let me know what you think.   Stay tuned for more ... Dangerous BoB

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  • Ian Sciacaluga on

    Thank you DB., love any anecdotes about this masterpiece of a film. Steven Spielberg comes across as such a good egg. More BTTF stories please. Curious to hear how you propped that first film and what it was like to work with Dean Cundey and Bob Z and G.

  • Mitch on

    So cool to have this détails of this amazing story.. Well done ‘Dangerous’ and tks for telling us this détails. Your friend in time…Mitch

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