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BTTF Crew Watch

About the time we all knew this was going to be the most Incredible Fantastic Time Travel Movie Ever Made, Steven Spielberg, Bob Gale and Bob Z. presented us on the set with our crew watches.  Being a watch collector even back then (still have approximately 80) I was both Grateful and Appreciative and Amazed to be given this watch by people that not only paid me but I Idolized.  Almost all of the crew wore their watch immediately and every day until the film was finished.  The first time I wore mine in public was at the screening of Back to the Future and I noticed that the logo on the watches of the crew members who wore theirs every day was faded.  The next time I wore this watch was at the BTTF Celebration on October 25, 2015.  Several people offered to buy this watch from me every day of the Fan Celebration.  Of my whole prop collection, this watch means the most to Dangerous BoB.  It was above and beyond any union contract rules and only came from the hearts of the people I most admired.  If anyone were to buy this watch, I would hope it is someone who will cherish it as much as I do and treat it as a valuable art piece.  It certainly will grow in value over the years.  A great addition to your BTTF collection and a great investment.  Sincerely, DB

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